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Painting is one of our most popular mediums offered. Over 100 artists work in painting and each of them have their own unique style, their own tools, and their own techniques.  

Artists make every decision involved in their painting. They chose the size of the canvas, the brush used, the color used, whether to blow it dry in between colors, and when the painting is finished. This allows each artists' unique style to shine. 



Adaptive Tools and Techniques


Laser Technique

With the laser technique the artist points a laser across the canvas to show where they want to paint. The tracker follows the laser using the paint and brush chosen by the artist. 

Point System

With the point system the artist picks points throughout the canvas and then connects them to create shapes. The tracker creates and paints in these shapes however the artist chooses.


Adaptive Brushes

Adapted brushes are created with each artists unique needs in mind.


Some artists use a brush built up with foam around the handle, others use an extended and twisted handle created with PVC pipes.


This allows each artist to reach across their painting, no matter what sized painting they chose. 

Cut-out Art Panels

When artists work their piece is tacked up to a paneled easel. As more and more artists began to work on their own we needed to create a way for them to better reach their work.

This resulted in us cutting out the bottom of the panel so that artists can get close to the painting while in their wheelchairs.

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