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Gerhard Richter

Our program was awarded the Utica National grant. This grant allowed us to develop new projects: one of which being our learn from the masters series.


Artists learned about a variety of artists - starting with German painter Gerhard Richter.


Richter uses a large squeegee to rub and scrape paint across the canvas. Artists then used his technique to create collaborative paintings of their own. 


Pablo Picasso

Picasso was a Spanish artist credited for co-founding the cubist movement and collage. 

Artist studied his use of shapes and attempted to recreate his paintings. However they always chose their own color palette, to make their paintings their own. 

Studying Picasso's work really allows artists to visualize the way anything can be broken down into shapes. 

Frankie poses with his recreation of "Guitar, 1920"

Vincent Van Gogh

Van Gogh was a Dutch post-impressionist painter who completely changed the art world. 

Artists studied him and his work and were able to learn completely new painting techniques. They were able to see how to create movement in a piece and how to highlight the subject in a less realistic way. 

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