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Nick began his interest in art in March 2021, at that time he enjoyed drawing symbols on paper. He often read books about famous artists which led him to our Learn From The Masters project.

In the Learn From The Masters project, Nick will use a projector to project a famous piece onto a canvas. He will then outline the basic shapes. After that Nick will study the painting and recreate its brushstrokes and style. He learns more and more with each piece. 


Nick paints while he repeats lines from his favorite anime, video games, and movies, such as Pokemon and Sonic the hedgehog.He will stop talking about his shows to ask a question or for a smaller brush. 


Nick is totally in focus while working on the painting each week. His family is very proud of him for his dedication to the artwork he does. He goes home and talks about his artwork.        

Nick Catera


Nick's Work 

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