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Matt Parry has a very creative imagination. A majority of his work depicts creatures of some kind. Whether real or mythological he will first draw the creatures he wants to paint on paper.

He names all his creatures, such as Blaze the Dragon and creates a narrative for them. 


Matt has a unique way of mixing his colors, he will add small amounts of sometimes 5-6 different colors. This creates a new color that he proceeds to name, such as  Midnight Sea and Mystic Sea. The colors are totally unique to Matt’s color palette that he uses for all of his paintings.


Matt’s art has a sense of feeling with the color palette that he uses, dusk colors look and feel like a dusky evening, and morning colors are pale oranges and bright.  His color palette is reminiscent of Frederick Remington night scenes.   

Matt Parry


The Matt Parry Color Palette

Mystic Sea
Midnight Sea
Jurassic Silver
Jurassic Blue
Monsoon Seas
Mystic Blue

Matt's Work

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