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Carleen joined the program in 2011. She began creating art with the Adaptive A.R.T laser system, then learned how to paint with the point system. She then began painting on her own with an Adaptive brush handle. Now she will combine all three techniques in her work.

Carleen takes her time while she chooses her colors for the canvas; she pairs the most unlikely colors together, yet the outcome is amazing. She will say, “I like that color, it looks good!”


When Carleen uses the A.R.T.  laser system she moves the beam quickly  over the canvas, she laughs and chuckles at how fast the tracker must move in order to keep up! She enjoys the small talk with her trackers, and treasures the time and attention she receives during each painting session. 

Carleen is very proud of herself for the independence she has found through her art. She finds relaxation while painting. She sometimes becomes so relaxed, she closes her eyes for a second, then opens them and smiles, and continues painting.

Carleen Giannotti


Carleen's Work 

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