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Amanda Chamberlain is one of the original artists who began her art experience in November of 2011, using our Artistic Realization

Technologies Program. (A.R.T.)

Amanda quickly became determined to paint by herself. She now works in painting, pottery, and music.

You can learn more about Amanda from her video below!

Amanda Chamberlain


Amanda's Tools and Techniques

Amanda uses an adaptive brush to create her work. This built up brush allows her to have a better grip on the brush while she's painting.

Additionally Amanda wears a large apron and a glove while painting.

The apron protects her, her clothes, and her wheelchair from getting covered in paint. She has so much energy while painting that often paint literally flys across the room. Eventually there is enough paint on the apron that it begins to look like a painting of its own.

The glove she wears is to protect her hand if it hits the bottom of her painting while she's working. Paint really builds up at the bottom of her paintings and can often be sharp enough to cut her hand if she hits it with enough force.

This is the first painting Amanda created on her own.

She started painting with Pieces of HeART in 2011 using the laser system, but quickly became determined to paint on her own. 

This painting is the first in her signature Amanda style.

Amanda's Work

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